Ticket Details: Whickham vs Stockton Town

Whickham have announced that 20 tickets have been reserved for Stockton Town supporters for our game at The First Mortgage Glebe, NE16 4PV.

To reserve tickets please email: whickhamfc1944@gmail.com

Face coverings are required to be worn at all times, hand sanitisers will be stationed around the ground and temperature spot checks will be used.

Outside toilets available for all supporters to use.

There is a limit of 60 people allowed into the lounge. It is advised that no more than six people are allowed at any one table at a time with no standing.

Table service will be in use as well as the order and pay in advance option.

The outside patio area will be open at half-time and after the game, table service and pay in advance.

Alcoholic drinks will be available at half-time, through the patio area into the lounge or outside.


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