Thank You from Stockton Town

The Football Club has been truly overwhelmed with the support it has received over the last couple of months, in the lead up to the incredible day Sunday was for everyone. This support was then taken to another level on Sunday when 4500 people managed to make the journey to Wembley to support us. This support has come in so many different ways and from so many different people that it is impossible to name you all, but his has stretched right across the community of Stockton and Teesside.

To see so many people there to support our team on Sunday and the reception they have received, along with the positive comments from everyone has left us all truly inspired for the future. I think we all realise now that Stockton has a Football Club it can be proud of.

On behalf of the Players, Management Team and everyone involved at Stockton Town, THANK YOU to you all and we hope to see you throughout next season where we’ll strive to take the Club forward once again.

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