Stockton Town Statement – Season Tickets Season 2024/25

The season concluded on Saturday in an unforgettable manner, a day that will be etched in our memories for years to come. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved, including players, management, sponsors, volunteers, and staff, for their contributions over the past twelve months.

To our incredible supporters who follow our Club across the country, you are truly the best. From remarkable away turnouts to filling the MAP Group UK Stadium and creating electric atmospheres, your dedication is unparalleled.

This season, the Club has realized its ambitions, and we will approach the next season with the same commitment to improvement both on and off the pitch. It is vital for the people of Stockton to continue supporting the club as they have always done, ensuring our position in the National Pyramid and striving for further progress in the future.

We will soon announce our Season Ticket prices for the upcoming 2024/25 season and encourage as many of you as possible to purchase them, supporting the club’s financial plans. While we have maintained Season Ticket pricing for the past two years, acknowledging recent societal impacts on household budgets, we must adjust prices to sustain our position and pursue the Club’s growth.

This summer marks the completion of the Gold Card Season Tickets, introduced during the Covid Pandemic to acknowledge the contribution of those who opted to leave Season Ticket refunds with the Club. Renewing Season Ticket holders will retain Gold Card status, with additional benefits to be communicated separately.

Our League campaign will include two extra home league games next season, factored into our Season Ticket pricing.

We appreciate your continued support and eagerly anticipate an exciting new season for all of us.

Season Card information can now be found here:

Stockton Town Football Club

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