Return to Football – COVID-19 Restrictions

CV-19 Self Assessment

All attendees should complete the attached self-assessment prior to attending any team events I.e. training, matches (including away fixtures) or the club house.

No one is permitted to attend any team events if the answer is yes to ANY of the self-assessment checklist questions  

CV-19 Officer

Team managers are to appoint a COVID-19 officer for each fixture or training session. If no-one is available or the appointed person is unable to officiate on the day, the Team Manager will fulfil this role.

The responsibilities of the CV-19 Officer are as follows:

  • Provide a copy of the self-screening assessment in advance to all attendees and ask that they complete it prior to attending the event.
  • Collect own team spectators names and contact details and submit them to immediately following the fixture / team event for retention for 21 days in accordance with the clubs track and trace obligations.
  • Record and submit evidence that the all attendees have completed a self-assessment to the junior committee email address outlined above. This can be incorporated as tick boxes on the contact sheet and does not need to be physical hard copies, but it is vital we ask and confirm that everyone in attendance has completed the self-assessment and provided a negative response to all questions
  • Provide safety briefings for all players / officials and match officials which is a reminder of their responsibilities in complying with the FA’s code of behaviour I.e.
      • Be aware of your own personal health. If you show any of the Covid-19 symptoms you must stay at home, inform NHS Test and Trace and seek medical advice.
      • Be responsible. Come ready to play in your own kit, bringing your own labelled water bottle and hand sanitiser
      • Practise good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and before, during and after a game.
      • Where possible maintain social distancing. Before, and after a game you should maintain social distancing
      • Support NHS Test and Trace. You’re likely to be asked to provide your details so that in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak those potentially infected can be traced. This is to everyone’s benefit so please co-operate.
      • Do not spit. Spitting and the rinsing out of mouths is now a recognised risk to health and must not be done. Avoid shouting or raising your voice if face to face with other players.
      • After the game. Be aware that other users may be waiting to use the facilities. Changing rooms and showers will be closed and any socialising must follow the Government’s guidance on social distancing

CV-19 Rules for Team Events (Training and Games) 

Requirements are as follows:

  • All attendees are requested to use the NHS Track and Trace app and scan the Club QPR code on arrival at the club (team CV-19 officers will also register all attendees and record results of self-assessments as outlined above as an additional measure)
  • Only 1 parent / carer per player is allowed at Training or Matches. Club appointed managers, coaches, covid officers / team secretaries are not considered the parent / carer in relation to this rule so they can have another parent / carer attend.
  • If parents / carers encounter difficulties arranging child care siblings will be permitted to attend.
  • No other spectators are permitted.
  • Face coverings are to be worn at all times by those in attendance unless a playing participant or under the age of 11. Substitutes over the age of 11 to wear face masks also.
  • Spectators, Managers and coaches to practice social distancing. Players to social distance before, during breaks and after games
  • If a participant gets injured, a member of their household can assist if present and appropriate, but others (including match officials and teammates and coaches) will still need to socially distance unless a life- or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care
  • Players and officials to attend ready to participate. Changing rooms will not be available
  • Players to hand sanitise before the game
  • Players to bring their own drinks/refreshments
  • There are to be no team talk huddles (Team talks can take place, as long as social distancing is observed and held outdoors)
  • No handshakes before or after the game and goal celebrations to be avoided
  • Players should avoid touching goal posts and corner flags
  • Balls should be returned into play by foot and should be disinfected during breaks in the game.
  • There is to be no shouting or spitting
  • Participants and visitors are to adhere to the one-way system in operation at the club as outlined on the attached (in relation to the grass pitches)

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