Questions and Answers | Sam Conway

  • Why did you first join the academy program at SSFA?

I just wanted to continue playing at the chance to train every day and keep playing at a high level made it an obvious choice.

  • Do you feel the academy program helped in your progression into the First team this season?

Yes, it is a clear pathway between the two. Stockton Town run the football program for the college so the link into making it to the first team gives you a better chance at getting in. I was able to develop technically within the academy program and the full offer of having different things like the match analysis and therapy each week helped me get better as a footballer.

  • Would you recommend the Academy program to young footballers going to college?

Yes definitely. It’s a great way for anyone who wants to continue playing football and compete at the highest level they can. I really enjoyed being part of the academy and feel it has helped me massively as a player.

  • How do you feel the link between STFC and SSFA helps the pathway for young players?

Its great because it helps every aspect of your game. Training at a high level every day was good but also having all of the additional parts of the program really added to the full picture. Getting to watch yourself play in match analysis and getting the therapy at Teesside University added a lot and showed the care that STFC we would want for players coming out of college.

  • You have signed and regularly train with the first team this season, how do you find it playing alongside such strong players in training?

The intensity is so much higher and everything is so much faster it keeps you focused all the time. Playing in younger age football I can sometimes drift out of games and sessions but training with the first team you can’t do that as the players are so good. The standards are higher than I realized beforehand but I’ve really enjoyed every session I’ve had with them.

  • You scored 4 goals in the first round of The FA Youth Cup this season. How did it feeling being the main talking point about the next wave of young STFC players?

It felt great knowing I had impressed in such a big game and it just made me want to carry on and progress to hopefully get more moments like that on even bigger stages.

  • What are your aims and ambitions for your football in the coming seasons?

I just want to keep progressing and hopefully play at the highest level I can. I want to keep expressing myself on the pitch whilst becoming more composed and ultimately keep getting on the scoresheet.

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