Academy Coaching

As part of the academy players will be able to train exclusively on our £1M 3G facility 3 times a week under the guidance of our expert coaching staff.
Our coaches are extremely experienced across all levels of the game and are UEFA qualified to ensure the sessions are of maximum quality, with our head of coaching being a former employee of The FA.
These sessions will be designed to improve not only the team shape and cohesion but also aimed at improving each individual to allow them to fulfil their potential and become the best player they can. This individual approach to developing players alongside the focus on the team is perfect to help players in their next steps in football once leaving the college.
There are many avenues open to players once the course is completed, Stockton Town or similar non-league Clubs, University football coupled with playing non-league football within the National Pyramid, Scholarship football in the USA, but we are sure that each player will be the best prepared they can be to enter any team environment elsewhere or at Stockton Town FC.

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