Club to Host Supporters Evening

The Club will host an evening for its supporters to come along to a Q & A with our Club Chairman and the 1st Team management on Friday 7th August. Come along and ask what you would like to know , we are sure you’ll have plenty of questions regarding the end of last season, the summer and looking forward in to the new season. The evening will consist of two sessions one starting at 6 30pm and the second at 8 30pm.

As you will be aware we have to adhere to the Governments guidelines on social distancing and ensuring we provide a Covid secure environment. To achieve this we will have to ask you to book your place if you wish to attend as we expect it to be a popular evening.

To book in to attend can you please email stating how many places you require and which session time you would like to attend. Could we ask that your group books through one email and that group will need to sit together for the evening. If you are attending by yourself the Club will allocate you a seat to maximise use of the room. We are limited to approximately 50 to 55 people depending on the size of groups wishing to attend, remember the maximum is 6 people seated together.

We look forward to seeing you there as we start the build up to the new football season.

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