Ask A Random Question with Cameron Painter

Jack Dobson recently sat down with Cameron Painter for the third part of our new series – Ask a Random Question, where Anchors fans sent in their random questions for Cameron to answer. Take a look at some of the best ones we put to him and his answers below!


So, let’s start with a question from the man himself, Lewis King, who has asked: How many chests does Elliot Beddow average every game/training session?

Cam: It’s hard to put a number on it but I’d say he averages about 18 a week!


Ian John Milne: As the creator ‘’the Picasso’’ in Stocktons midfield so to speak, who is your favourite spice girl and why?

Cam: That’s before my time, but I would say Posh Spice for Becks.


Another interesting and controversial one asked here by Beth Dobson: What is your favourite chicken nugget shape?

Cam: I’m going to have to go with Boot! The reason being the boot fits perfectly into the little tomato ketchup pots, perfect scoop!


Mark Bristow: If you had to choose only 5 items for a Sunday dinner, what would you go for?

 Cam: I’m a fussy guy, so very simple – beef, roasties, yorkshire puddings, carrots, gravy!


Tom Baxter: Why do you wear an under armour when it’s 30 degrees?

Cam: Fantastic question Tom. Ell Beddow said it makes me look bigger, so I’d probably have to agree!


Pete Bulmer: Why do you hate Ian Holloway so much? Tell everyone the story, Cam!

Cam: 😂😂Hate is a strong word! To keep it simple, basically, he made me be a linesman in a training game when he was my manager, instead of playing in the game. Thoroughly enjoyed it though!


James Cartwright: Who is the greatest artist in history? 👨‍🎨

Cam: Da Vinci is the only one I know! My mate Kian was very good at art in school.


Jordan Clarke: Go to takeaway order?

Cam: Wow great question! I would have to go for a London Pizza with kebab meat on top!


Phil Rogers: Who from your youth team days at Grimsby Town are you still in contact with? And who had the best digs 😂?

Cam: Hahaha I’m still in touch with Hugo and Mattie and Joey, of course, are still two of my best pals. Joey had the best digs by far, of course 🤣


Not sure if you are a TikTok man, but you may have seen this question from Lauren Bristow flying around recently. How often do you think of the Roman empire?

Cam: My girlfriend asked me this the other day; I have no clue at all in all honesty what any of that means🤦‍


Rob S: What’s your favourite biscuit?

Cam: Choco Lebinz! Game changers!


Graham Jackson: What footballer did you look up to or inspired you growing up?

Cam: Wayne Rooney 🐐 – Best Ever


Jack: A regular question we have had here so far is what is your Tesco meal deal? Adi and Lewis have kicked us off with two pretty poor meal deals. Can you step it up?

Cam: Doesn’t surprise me, Kingy being boring. I would go Chicken & Bacon sandwich, Beef McCoys and a Lucozade Sport!


Corin Newman: Who is the best teammate to have on a night out?

Cam: Tom Portas and Shaneo (Shane Henry) are the funniest together by far!


 James T: Which teammate is the most likely to have forgotten their wallet? 👀

Cam: Again…Tom Portas 😂


Interesting one from George H…. What game show do you think you could win?

Cam: I’m not the brightest at all, so I would have to go with Question of Sport because I have no clue about anything else!


We have two questions here which we can combine. Nigel Martin Brooks asks what is your favourite film? And Carl Thomas asks what is your favourite box set?

Cam: The favourite film is Wolf of Wall Street and the box set is The Inbetweeners, but my favourite series would be either Money Heist or Top Boy.


Another popular question from Toni D: Do you have a pre-match routine or any superstitions?

Cam: I am terribly superstitious! Pretty much if I play well, I try to do everything the exact same.


Finally, a great question from Josh L, who would come last in a Stockton Town FC 100 metre sprint?

Cam: Wow. I know who wins it and that’s probably between me and Elliot Beddow. The slowest is probably Kingy, especially if he has his curtains!


Thank you to Cam Painter for taking the time to answer the questions and being such a great sport, he has nominated Elliot Beddow to be up next, so make sure to get your questions in when the post goes out shortly!



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