Ask A Random Question- Lewis King

Jack Dobson sat down with Lewis King for the second part of our new series – Ask a Random Question, where Anchors fans sent in their random questions for Lewis to answer. Take a look at some of the best ones we put to him and his answers below!

Jack: Best get going through your Spotify for this opening question from Lauren Bristow, what is your favourite Taylor Swift Song?
Lewis: Wildest Dreams absolute belter, no need to check Spotify for that 😂


Beth Dobson: If a giraffe wore a tie would he wear it at the bottom of his neck or the top?

Lewis: I have asked the skipper and he says at the top of his neck so there you go!


Thomas Whitney: Greggs sausage rolls, hot or cold?
Lewis: HOT!


Adam Nicholson (The Skipper): If you could grow hair on your face, chest, or legs, where would it be?
Lewis: Legs, I can’t deal with facial hair! As long as it keeps growing on the top of my head, I don’t care!


Graham Jackson: Italian food, Indian or Chinese? You can only choose one.
Lewis: Italian because of the variety, closely followed by an Indian!


Jordan Clarke: Favourite character from any tv show?
Lewis: Great question, Harvey Specter, Mickey Haller. Some boys!


Richard Hill: Has anyone snitched on you at your new workplace for using your phone too much at your desk yet? 👀
Lewis: No, my new team all have my back. Be careful who you trust!


Jack: Adi named you as the player with the best fashion but never named anyone with the worst. Can you tell us who has the worst? 😂
Lewis: Saving private Mikey, shout out the Nath Steel!


Corin Newman: Which teammate would you least trust to babysit your kids?
Lewis: Oh there’s a few, Michael Fowler, and Tom Portas spring to mind however Cal Roberts takes the cake!


James T: What’s your Tesco meal deal?
Lewis: BLT, fridge raiders and I can’t lie, I would be boring and go for water! Poor.


Josh L: Does pineapple belong on pizza?
Lewis: Yes, it absolutely does!


Nathan Mulligan: Who is your Stockton Town Idol?
Lewis: My mate, my hero Nathan Mulligan!


Liam Cooke: Which teammate has the smallest chest?
Lewis: Kevinnnnnnnnnnn


Jack: Which teammate wins in a Stockton Town FC royal rumble?
Lewis: Tom Coulthard or Dale Mulligan – Take your pick!


Gary T: You are stranded on a desert island, which teammate do you want with you?
Lewis: Kev Hayes, as the lads will tell you we get on like a house on fire!


Susan J: Do you have a pre-match routine/meal?
Lewis: I am quite a superstitious person; my left sock and boot are always before my right and my pre-match meal is always around 11:30am!


Martyn Ansboro: If you checked your back pocket would Liam Cooke still be in there?
Lewis: He is out now, but he was in there for a while! 😂


Jack: Finally, to end with, I saw another controversial one. Which way does the toilet roll go, over or under?

Lewis: Over!

Thank you to Lewis King for taking the time to answer the questions, he has nominated Cam Painter to be up next, so make sure to get your questions in to him when the post goes out!


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