Chairman’s Weekly


Our Club Chairman Martin Hillerby will start to update us all on whats happening at Stockton Town. All topic’s will be covered and hopefully it will be an insightful look into our Football Club.

Martin Hillerby – Club Chairman – 6th August 2016

Firstly can I apologise for the complete lack of updates over the last 6 months but the sheer workload involved in our development as a Club has made it a case of prioritising what needed to be done and as we will be aware the football has to come first.

There have been many words said over the last few years, months and weeks regarding our Football Club and the situations we have found ourselves in, all I might add through no fault of our own. The most common observation tends to be “well you have finally made it” for all of the obvious reasons. It has been a long term ambition of the Club to be able to compete in the Northern League given it’s reputation, but also enter prestigious competitions such as the FA Vase and FA Cup, so in those terms I can understand people making that observation.

However as a Football Club we must not believe that we have made it or think that the ambitions of the Club have been fulfilled. In the eyes of the Executive of the Club all the work that has gone into our recent developments  and our subsequent promotion have only merely placed us on the starting line for what can be achieved.

I know from speaking to our management team of Michael & JD that their ambition for the Club matches both mine and the Committees. The infrastructure we have at the Club  is something we should hold precious, as our junior players and the work of our Football Development Officer are the key to our future and we should not be limiting our ambition in anyway. I’m sure our off field development will continue as we look to lift the Club to a new level.

As we are now aware our 1st game in the Ebac Northern League yesterday went beyond our expectations with a 6 0 victory, which I’m sure is one of immense pride to us all. It is worth note again that yesterday saw 10 of the 16 players in the match day squad had all played junior football for the Club. What we are achieving now is the hard work put in over many years by many people. This though should be the aspiration for all of our junior players to push into our U18′s set up and then the 1st team.

Finally thank you for your continued support of what we are trying to achieve for football in Stockton, it really is appreciated and yesterdays attendance of 173 was a tremendous turnout given all the other attractions yesterday such as SIRF, the Boro match and the fantastic weather.

Tony Johnson and Adam Nicholson celebrate the 1st goal in yesterdays victory over Willington FC

Tony Johnson and Adam Nicholson celebrate the 1st goal in yesterdays victory over Willington FC


Martin Hillerby – Club Chairman – 15th January 2016

Well it’s been quite a start to the New Year for the for us all at the Football Club. No football for anybody, due to the state of the playing areas with the atrocious weather we have all experienced. The start of construction work on our long awaited 3G Stadium development that has taken 4 years of hard work by the Club’s Executive Committee, should be a huge boost to us all involved at the Club.

Isn’t it ironic that when we finally reach this milestone for the Club we are experiencing the wettest winter many of us can remember and this new facility when completed will mean that as a Club we will all be able to keep playing football through these winter months.

This project has seen the Club secure Grant Funding of nearly £600,000 to bring this facility to the local community and it hasn’t just been given to us. You only secure this level of investment if as a Club you are doing something right. The work we do to provide football opportunities right across the community, the standards we set and the way we have developed and progressed previous investment into Club has given the Football and Sporting Authorities the confidence to invest in us yet again.

This brings responsibility and will bring change to our Club over the coming weeks and months that we must all embrace to ensure we make a success of this facility to further enhance our Club, players and coaches.

I hope your all as excited as myself at what lies ahead over the coming months and we will keep you updated of progress via the website, so please keep looking there will be new photos every couple of days.

Construction starts on the new 3G Stadium development at Stockton Town & Stockton 6th Form College.

Construction starts on the new 3G Stadium development at Stockton Town & Stockton 6th Form College.

Martin Hillerby – Club Chairman – 16th November 2015

Firstly can I apologise for the complete break in communication via this page over the last 10 months, it certainly wasn’t intended but the sheer amount of work that has been involved in ensuring the 3G development project progressed has swallowed up just about all my spare time. Hopefully I will now be able to keep you updated on all things Stockton Town from now on, as in recent weeks we have made huge strides.

As you may know the 3G Stadium development has been the Club’s aim since April of this year following our well publicised previous difficulties. In recent weeks we have managed to secure the final pieces in the jigsaw and last week saw us have a pre construction start meeting with the successful contractor, we can now say that building work will start on the 4th January. This will be a tremendous asset to the Club in allowing our 1st teams promotion ambitions to be fulfilled if we can once again finish in a promotion position. All of our teams will in future utilise the facility for winter training but it will also be used to support the fulfilment of our junior teams games. We also have ambitious plans for wider community use and our partners in the scheme Stockton 6th Form College will have sports facilities that match the best in the area and will be able to provide a better sporting educational offer for the youth of the town. As a volunteer led community Football Club we should be exceptionally proud of what we have achieved in attracting the funds for this development.

The Football Club will keep you all informed on progress on the project via the link on the right hand side of the Home Page named “3G Stadium Development” on a weekly basis, we hope you will follow the progress and you find it useful.